The Fragata Story

FRAGATA is the flagship brand of ANGEL CAMACHO, a Spanish family business with a history spanning over a hundred years (since 1897), which provides a broad range of olive and caper products.
A selection of FRAGATA specialty foods is already available in the New Zealand market and further products are expected to be introduced shortly. If you wish to know more about ANGEL CAMACHO then simply click on this link

FRAGATA combines a unique personality with a perception of premium quality, tradition & confidence and is used for an extensive range of specialty food products, marketed in over 95 countries worldwide. To read more, simply click on this link

Most people don’t think “fruit” when they think of olives…but the fact is that olives are a fruit. The fruit of the olive tree has been part of the daily diet for over 2000 years. In ancient Egypt and Rome, in medieval Italy and Renaissance Spain, olives were – and are today – a common snack or appetizer and a customary accompaniment to meals. Olives have been considered so important in the diet of many Europeans for so long, that both children and adults may well believe it unconceivable not to eat olives throughout the day. To learn more about olives, click on this link

Capers are the unopened floral bud of ”Capparis Spinosa”, an uncultivated, thorny plant found in the Southern regions of Spain and some other Mediterranean countries. Thanks to their unmistakable flavour, aroma and nutritional values, capers are used in many dishes, from pizzas and pasta to all kinds of meat, fish, sauces and salads.

FRAGATA, through imaginative marketing, including unsurpassed product quality and attractive packing is working hard to bring the sumptuous Mediterranean tradition of olive and caper consumption to New Zealand and the rest of the world, by adding these natural appetizers and condiments to our daily diet.

From the processing & packing plants based near Seville in Southern Spain, a region acknowledged by the world’s experts to be ideal for growing the finest Manzanilla and Queen olives, FRAGATA offers a complete assortment of tasty capers and delicious table olives, including green and black olives, both whole, pitted, sliced and/or stuffed in a variety of pack types & sizes.

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