Coconut Milks

PAQX12 Pureharvest Coco Quench GS1 HI RES 09312231317118 C1N1-1

Pureharvest Coco Quench Organic Coconut Milk 1ltr

PGQTX12 Pureharvest Golden Quench HI RES Image 09312231231070 C1N1

Pureharvest Golden Quench 
Organic Tumeric Coconut Milk 1ltr

PAQX12 Pureharvest Almond Coco Quench GS1 HI RES coming soon

Pureharvest Almond Quench 
Organic Tumeric Coconut Milk 1ltr


Real Foods Limited is the exclusive New Zealand distributor of several Kiwi favourite brands including Sunreal, realFOODS, Sunreal Gourmet, realSWEET, Pureharvest, Fragata and Alpro, Roi Thai, King Island, Remedy and Craft Belgian Beer Brands - Delirium, Mongozo, Petrus, Bavik, Wittekerke, and Kwaremont. Find out why New Zealanders love the taste of our dried fruits and gluten-free cereals, Organic milks and delicious dairy-free custards and cream or find our products in a supermarket near you.

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We supply all major supermarket groups. Please contact us if you can’t locate a particular product in your local stores.

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+64 9 256 4260

Unit 2A Level 1 
4 Pavilion Drive
Manukau 2022