Ginger Lemon 330ml

A best seller. Familiar yet new; a classic with a twist; A low-sugar, guilt-free take on ginger beer. Hot and sour; fiery and tangy. The perfect tummy-tamer.

Apple Crisp 330ml

Fresh and fruity. Sweet yet dry. With tart, crisp notes, it really gives a crunch. Wholesomely delightful.

Hibiscus Kiss 330ml

Flowery, flirty and a little fiery. Real, Whole hibiscus leaves add falvour and colour. A feast for your tastebuds and your peepers. Touches of vanilla and ginger. Deliciously delicate.

Raspberry Lemonade 330ml

Say HELLO to our newest member. An old school favourite with a modern day twist. Delicious and nutritious. Lip-smacking goodness in a bottle.

Original 330ml

The original. Some say the best. Tried-and-true traditional kombucha - straight-up, as-it-comes. Tart, bubbly brew with apple cider notes. Sweet and sour. The perfect pick-me-up.

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