Roi Thai & King Island

The story of King Island and Roi Thai

The story of King Island and Roi Thai begun over 50 years ago with one couple rowing a boat along the Chao Phraya River, the principal river of Bangkok, selling coconuts to earn a living for the rest of the Theppadungporn family.
The Theppadungporn family brought the finest coconuts from Southern Thailand and distributed them in Bangkok and the surrounding area and always operated with honesty and a determination to supply only the best quality Thai coconuts.

The Coconut tree is one of the palm family which can grow for more than 20 years and can be found in many areas of Thailand, especially in Southern and Eastern Thailand. Coconut tree can be easily and effectively grown in tropical weather and appropriate soil condition. 

Thai coconut tree are divided into two types, Tall and Dwarf, which have different uses. The coconuts from the Tall tree have thick and creamy coconut meat, suitable for making top quality coconut milk, coconut cream and coconut oil, which are normally used as key ingredients in Thai foods like the Roi Thai Curry sauces. The characteristic of coconuts from the Dwarf tree is the soft and tender texture of the coconut meat and the beautiful taste of the coconut water which is slightly sweet with an aromatic scent, typical of young Thai coconuts.
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After those early years in the coconut business, the Theppadungporn Family established the Theppadungporn Coconut Company, which became a major supplier of processed coconut products to the domestic and international market. With the continued success of TCC and the support of the Investment Promotion Committee, the family launched a new business under the name “Ampol Food Processing,” which was established to be the first Thai company able to produce long life coconut products using an Ultra-High Temperature process. Ampol Food Processing (APF) is now considered a leader in food and drink product innovation with high-technology management and social and environmental responsibility.

With their knowledge and skills they have captured the natural taste and aromatic scent of Thai coconut water and safely packaged this in long life UHT packs under the King Island brand for the whole world to savour and enjoy. They have also developed an exciting new range of authentic curry sauces under the Roi Thai brand and these have proved to be hugely successful in many countries around the world and now it is New Zealand’s turn for some Thai magic in the kitchen.
Simmer Sauce
Coconut Water

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