Product Information

Alpro Soy Milk for Professionals 1l

Real Foods Code: ALPROX12
Net weight per pack: 1 litre
Drained weight per pack: N/A
Pack Size: 12
Unit Barcode: 5411188115434
Carton Barcode: 05411188115441
Ingredients: Water, Hulled Soya Beans (6.5%), Apple Extract, Acidity Regulators (monopotassium phosphate, dipotassium phosphate), Calcium Carbonate, Maltodextrin, Sea Salt, Stabilizer (gellan gum), Vitamins (riboflavin (B2), vitamin B12, vitamin E, vitamin D2)
Allergens: Soy. May contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts.
Shelf life: 12 months
Storage instructions: Store in a cool dry place. After opening, store at or below 4°C and use within 5 days.
Country of Origin: EU
Claims: Low in saturated fats. Dairy and Lactose free. Free from artificial sweeteners, colours and preservatives. With Calcium and Vitamins
Instructions for Use:​ The special soy milk formulated for baristas. For best results steam-heat the Alpro Professional in a clean jug to no more than 65°C
Servings per pack: 4
Servings size: 125ml
  Average quantity per serving Average quantity per 100ml
Energy 229kJ
Protein 4.1g 3.3g
-gluten 0.0mg 0.0mg
Fat, total 2.4g 1.9g
-saturated 0.4g 0.3g
-trans 0.0g 0.0g
-polyunsaturated 1.5g 1.2g
-monounsaturated 0.5g 0.4g
-cholesterol 0.0mg 0.0mg
Carbohydrate 3.8g 3.0g
-sugars 3.6g 2.9g
-lactose 0.0g 0.0g
-galactose 0.0g 0.0g
Dietary Fibre 0.8g 0.6g
Sodium 40mg 30mg
Calcium 150mg 120mg
Riboflavin (Vit B2) 0.2mg 0.2mg
Vitamin B12 1.5µg 1.2µg
Vitamin E 2.2mg 1.8mg

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