200g Sunreal Pitted Dates or Prunes
1/4 cup mango chutney (I use spicy mango chutney for an added twist)
8-10 slices streaky bacon
tooth picks to secure the bacon to the dates

  1. Coat the dates with mango chutney and set aside. With the flat edge of a large knife run it along each slice of bacon to stretch then out thinner.
  2. Preheat your oven grill (broiler) on high.
  3. Lay out the strips of bacon and roll each date in bacon, 1 ½ times around the date, cut bacon with a knife and secure with a tooth pick. Place on a flat baking covered with baking paper. Continue wrapping dates until all have been covered with bacon.
  4. Grill in the oven turning the prunes twice for 5-8 minutes or until the bacon is cooked. Don’t let it burn! Let stand for 5 minutes, then serve.

(Recipes and Images Copyright Chef Jimmy Boswell 2014)

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